Calendar of​​ Events:

Mar 9 - Skate Night

Mar 24 - Healthy Hearts

Apr 10 - PTAN Meeting

April 10 - Skate Night

April 20 - Auction 5:30

Please register for Fred Meyer Community Rewards, Red Robin's Burgers for Better Schools, and Amazon Smile. 

Click on the links to find out how. Melrose PTAN raised over $15,000 last year without costing our supporters a single penny.

A single seed possesses the potential for an entire forest

​Your unwavering support allows PTAN to help cultivate

an environment of growth, success, and accomplishment

for every child.

The possibilities are limitless.

More than 300 seeds strong!   MELROSE STRONG!!!

Our Scrip Program had over $173,783.00 in sales last school year which resulted in $13,075.07 in revenue. As impressive as these numbers may be, we are accomplishing this with a 20% participation rate. Only 70 of our 355+ supporters are regular purchasers of Scrip. We need your help reaching out to those other 285 families. 

What would happen if those other 285 families participated?

Cost to them: $0

Revenue for our school: $50,000+ in revenue every school year.

​Remember, the Melrose Scrip Program is not a typical fundraiser. We will never ask you to spend extra money to participate or ask for a donation. We only ask that you use Scrip for purchases that you already make for coffee, groceries, dining, clothing, home improvement, entertainment, etc. We raise money and it costs you nothing!

Imagine what PTAN could do for our students and teachers with $50,000 every year. Let's be 350 strong! Melrose Strong!!!

2014 - 2016
PTAN has contributed

$100,000.00+ to our school

Instructional Assistants:                              $35,000.00
Chromebook Computers:                             $25,000.00
Mobile Storage/Charging Stations:            $  2,500.00
Student School Supplies:                             $10,000.00
Teacher Allocations:                                     $  4,000.00
Track Paving Project:                                    $35,000.00

Not an all inclusive list. After school activities, special funding requests, and other PTAN funded items not listed. 


Box Tops for Education*
Fred Meyer Community Rewards*
Amazon Smile*
Red Robin’s Burgers for Better Schools*
Auction Dinner
*no cost to participate

Every student benefits! Please participate - ask a PTAN rep, or email melroseptanetwork@gmail.com.​

No Cost Fundraising

Melrose PTAN takes great pride in our fundraising. We have worked hard to identify and implement several programs that help raise thousands of dollars at no cost to you. These funds are then used to benefit every student at our school. School supplies, additional Instructional Assistant hours, and special events just to name a few. Because there is no cost to you, everyone is encouraged to participate. Of course, donations and volunteering your time are also welcome. Your generous support is greatly appreciated!!!

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Regular PTAN Meetings are held the first Monday of each Month

We encourage anyone to attend


June 5th @ 5:30pm​​​​

​​​​​Proud Partner of the Melrose Elementary Bulldogs