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How can I purchase Scrip Cards? Several ways… 1) You can purchase Scrip Cards in the Melrose Office during regular business hours. Our office staff is very supportive and eager to sell, 2) purchase Scrip cards from a friendly PTAN Representative when you pick up your student in Friday pick-up line. These are no pressure sales, we are just trying to make it as convenient as possible to purchase Scrip, 3) order forms are sent home in your students Wednesday Folder once per month (usually the first Wednesday). Return the order form, with a check, in your students Wednesday Folder and your student’s teacher will get the form to the appropriate person. We will fill the order and notify you when it is ready for pick-up in the office at your convenience (we do not recommend sending cash in your students Wednesday Folder) and 4) you can purchase Scrip directly online at
shopwithscrip.com(contact your Scrip Program Coordinator for code approval when registering). You can either have it included in our schools next order or get a ScripNow eCard sent directly to your smartphone once payment has been received. You can get ScripNow eCards instantly with PrestoPay (you must sign a Scrip PrestoPay agreement before being approved for a PrestoPay Account. *PrestoPay orders cost .15 per order) (Sorry...local cards cannot be purchased online)

How is the money Spent? That is determined by parents and teachers at our school. Currently, our PTAN purchases school supplies for every student - we are the only school in our district that does this. PTAN has also made it a priority to provide funding for additional Instructional Assistant hours allowing for smaller reading groups - this has significantly improved our student reading scores. PTAN also provides the funding for most of our school’s special events. Want a voice in how the money is spent? Attend a PTAN meeting the first Monday of the month at 5:30pm.

Why do we call it Scrip Cards rather than Gift Cards? We don’t want people to think Scrip Cards are only to be given as gifts during Christmas or other special occasions. Scrip can be used at any participating retailer, in-store, or online for everyday expenses such as groceries, fuel, dining, clothing, office supplies, entertainment, home improvements and much more. The more we use it, the more we make. A complete list of more than 300 participating retailers can be found at shopwithscrip.com.

What if I have questions? You can ask a PTAN Representative, Office Staff, or email the Scrip Program Coordinator at melrosescrip@gmail.com. We would be happy to answer any questions.

Scrip is our primary "no cost to you" fundraiser. The Parent Teacher Action Network Scrip Fundraising Program is a gift card sales program that helps PTAN raise thousands in revenue every year for our Melrose Students. PTAN buys gift cards at a discount from hundreds of different local, regional and national retailers and then sells those gift cards at full face value to our parents/grandparents/teachers/staff/ supporters. PTAN keeps the difference as revenue at no extra cost to you. (For example... PTAN purchases a $10 Dutch Bros Gift Card for $8, we then sell that same $10 Dutch Bros Gift Card to you for $10. You paid $10, you get $10 - it cost you nothing extra).

***These are the exact same cards you would buy in stores - easy to use, no extra cost - no catch***

The Scrip Program had $326,680.00 in sales during the 2017/2018 school year

resulting in $23,386.96 in revenue.

And it didn't cost our parents a single penny.

We encourage our supporters to use Scrip in stores or online for their everyday purchases in the place of cash, debit or credit. Raising money a dollar at a time doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up quickly! The more people that participate, the more the earning potential. Our Melrose Parents and our Melrose Teachers decide how this money is best spent. To maximize the impact, program expenses are kept as low as possible and our volunteers are not paid. And rest assured, 100% of the proceeds benefit our Melrose Students.

​Also, check out the local businesses that donate a portion of sales each time you mention Melrose PTAN/Scrip by clicking on the "support local business" link.